Ujizane Imagawa
Personal Information
Born: 1538
Place of Birth: Sunpu Province
Died: January 27, 1615
Cause of Death: Illness
Place of Death: Shinagawa
Style name: 今川 氏真
Served: Imagawa
Participation(s): -

Ujizane Imagawa was the son of Yoshimoto Imagawa, and the father of Norimochi Imagawa and Takahisa Shinagawa.


Ujizane Imagawa the successor of Yoshimoto Imagawa, tried desperately to retain the clan's lands as former allies began to desert them. When rumours grew within the Imagawa household that their vassals, the Ii, were planning to abandon, them a purge of the Ii followed. Naomitsu Ii and Naoyoshi Ii, the sons of the late Naohira, were assassinated while on their way to explain themselves to Ujizane.[1] In 1568 Ujizane was defeated by Shingen Takeda, then defeated by him again in 1570, after which Ujizane retired.[2]





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