The Tokugawa clan is the second cland that managed to unite Japan under one rule during the Sengoku era. The clan was first under the Imagawa clan but after it's demise at the Battle of Okehazama, Ieyasu Tokugawa declared independance from the Imagwa and thus the clan became independant. The clan's Diamyo, Ieyasu Tokugawa is also one of the 3 unifiers of Japan. The clan succesfully unified the land after the Siege of Osaka Castle



Ieyasu Tokugawa Hidetada Tokugawa


Odai no Kata Ichibahime
Senahime Asahihime
Kamehime Tokuhime
Komatsuhime Matehime
Kogō no Tsubone Yōjuin
Saigō no Tsubone Sewahime
Chaa no Tsubone Okatsu
Okame Nishigori
Otake Oume
Onatsu Omusu
Oroku Osen
Hōkoin Ohime
Oeyo Jōkoin


Three Heroes of TokugawaEdit

The Three Heroes of Tokugawa were three generals historically recognized as the biggest retainers of the Tokugawa clan, due to there efforts and contribution towards the clan.

Tadakatsu Honda Naomasa Ii Yasumasa Sakakibara

Four Guardian Kings of TokugawaEdit

The Four Guardian Kings of Tokugawa were four mighty generals who were believed to have greatly contributed to Ieyasu's campaigns. 

Tadakatsu Honda Naomasa Ii
Yasumasa Sakakibara Tadatsugu Sakai

Retainer FamiliesEdit

Abe Clan Honda Clan
Ii Clan Ishikawa Clan
Sakai Clan

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