Here is the style guide on how to make new articles and writing information on this wiki. PLEASE READ if you are new to this wiki.

Creating an article about a historical figureEdit

  • Always choose the Infobox personage template.
    • There are more than one infobox warriors template.
    • If your warrior joined the Oda then choose infobox warriors Oda. If your warrior joined the Takeda choose infobox warriors Takeda ect.....
    • Always choose the right template.
  • On the template do not upload an image that is from games like samurai warriors or devil kings, keep the wiki more historic by put the warriors portrait from Nobunaga's ambition or historic paintings.
  • Write about about the warriors life write Life, if the warriors is a retainer write about his military carrier write Serving (name of the clan), if the warrior you are creating was a daimyo write about his initial expansion write Initial expansion and about the warriors death write Death. About his family make a list your warriors family, Nobunaga Oda is a good example. And finally write your sources by making a list.

Creating an article about a battleEdit

  • Always choose the battle template.
  • Again try to upload an image from Nobunaga's Ambition or historic paintings
  • Write about these topics: Before the battle, Battle and Aftermath.

Writing informationEdit

When writing information PLEASE don't copy/paste information from Wikipedia.. DO NOT write fictional events on a warrior's page. If you want to add information that is fictional feel free to do so by making a new article, once your finished put it on the Sengoku period fiction section. If you're having trouble finding information go to samurai archives and see information from there. DO NOT COPY/PASTE information from the site as it is copyrighted instead try to make it in your own words. If you'll copy/paste information from the site you will get a warning but if you'll do so again you will be banned for three days from this wiki and if you continue copy/pasting from copyrighted sites you will be banned permanently from this wiki.


  • Every time you upload a photo, please always organize them in their proper categories. If This is not done they will simply be deleted.
  • State the photo license (If you know it of course).
  • Also if you upload an image that doesn't have to do anything with the wiki put them in Category:Other

If you have any problems suggestions or anything else leave me a message on my talk page.

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