Siege of Ueda Castle (1600)

Battle Information
Date 1600
Location Shinano province
Result Siege abandoned, Sanada victory
Sanada clan Tokugawa clan
Masayuki Sanada Hidetada Tokugawa
Notable Officers
Yukimura Sanada
Terumori Nakayama
Matsumasa Toda
Tadaaki Ono
Hisayoshi Tsuji
Koreaki Shizume
Nobuyoshi Saito
Masanori Asakura
Hidehisa Sengoku
Yasumasa Sakikabara
Tadamasa Mori
Masanobu Honda
The Siege of Ueda was fought in 1600 between the Sanada and Tokugawa clans.

Before the battleEdit

In 1600, in the campaign that ended with the battle of Sekigahara an army commanded by Hidetada Tokugawa set out from Edo along the Nakasendo the road that ran through the central mountains of Japan. The aim was for Hidetada to join up with his father Ieyasu Tokugawa.[1]


While on his way however, Hidetada commenced a siege of Ueda castle, held by father and son Masayuki Sanada and Yukimura Sanada. So desperately was the castle defended that Hidetada Tokugawa abandoned the siege.[2]


By then Hidetada had been delayed for sufficiently long that he missed the battle of Sekigahara, an omission that could have very serious consequences had the victory not already been secured by the treachery of Hideaki Kobayakawa.[3]


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