Shingen Takeda2
Shingen Takeda
Personal Information
Born: December 1, 1521
Place of Birth: Kai Province
Died: May 13, 1573
Cause of Death: Wound, Assassinated, Pneumonia
Place of Death: Mikawa Province
Style name: 武田 信玄
Served: Takeda
Participation(s): Battle of Sezawa
Battle of Kuwabara
Battles of Kawanakajima
Battle of Mikata ga Hara

Shingen Takeda was the daimyo of Kai. He was nicknamed the Tiger of Kai.

Biography Edit



Black Cloud:One of Shingen Takeda's favorite mounts. A male wild and bad - tempered horse, it is said that Shingen's doubles were unable to ride it.[1]

Demon Bay:One of Nobutora Takeda's favorite mounts. It is recorded that when Shingen was 13 he asked his father for this horse and Nobutora presented it to him, along with a banner and armor.[2]






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