Hanbei Takenaka painting
Shigeharu Takenaka
Personal Information
Born: September 27, 1544
Place of Birth: Mino province (?)
Died: July 6, 1579
Cause of Death: Illness
Place of Death: Unknown
Style name: (Shigeharu) 竹中 重治
(Hanbei) 半兵衛
Served: Saito
Participation(s): Siege of Inabayama Castle
Battle of Anegawa

Shigeharu Takenaka was a very talented strategist who served the Saito and Oda clans.



Shigeharu, also known as Hanbei, was the son of Shigemoto Takenaka. He began his career as a retainer of Yoshitatsu Saito and was the son-in-law of Morinari Ando. He was present for the Siege of Inabayama Castle,[1] and when the castle fell, Shigeharu became a retainer of Hideyoshi Toyotomi and was present in the Oda campaigns against the Azai and Asakura in 1570. He led troops against the Azai clan of Omi at the request of the Rokkaku.

Serving the OdaEdit

He served Hideyoshi as an advisor, though he was forced to retire from active service due to illness. At this time he was given the temporary custody of the young son of Kanbei Kuroda, Nagamasa. Kanbei was captured and imprisoned by the Araki family in 1578, an event that prompted Nobunaga to suspect that Yoshitaka was in fact colluding with his captors. He therefore ordered that Kanbei's son be put to death. Hanbei is said to have put off carrying out this command until Nobunaga at length dropped the matter, and his ward, the future Nagamasa Kuroda, was spared.[2]


In July 6, 1579 Shigeharu's illness grew worse and he passed away.[3]






Double Scale: Armor used by Shigeharu Takenaka. The armor was covered with little made to look like fish scale and then attached with black lacquer. The Takenaka crest was engraved on the gloves and sleeves.



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