The Saika Ikki, based in Ota in Kii province, were one of many Ikkō-ikki groups. There leader was Shigehide Suzuki.

In particular, the members of the Saika Ikki, along with the monks of the Nageroji, were renowned for their expertise with the arquebus, and for their expert gunsmiths and foundries. Both of these groups came to the aid of the Ishiyama Honganji, the central fortress cathedral of the Ikkō-ikki which was besieged by Nobunaga Oda from 1570 to 1580.

Their own fortress, Ota castle, was besieged by Nobunaga in 1577. The monastery was attacked again several years later by Hideyohi Toyotomi in chastisement for their opposition to his former lord, Nobunaga Oda.

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