Welcome to the rules page of the Sengoku period wiki. Thank you for taking your time to visit the rules.

Rule 1Edit

When writing information on a page always check if it's historically correct. Keep the wiki a reliable encyclopedia.

Do Not copy information from:

  • Wikipedia (unreliable)
  • Samurai Warriors (It has many fictional events)

These are good sites for information.

  • Samurai Archives (DO NOT COPY/PASTE information from this site as it is copyrighted instead make it in your own words)
  • Google Books

Rule 2Edit

When making new pages always follow the wiki's style. Read the style guide for more information.

Rule 3Edit

Do not vandalize or break one of the rules. If you'll copy/paste information from a copyrighted site you will get a warning but if you'll do so again you will be banned for three days from this wiki and if you continue copy/pasting from copyrighted sites you will be banned permanently from this wiki.

Rule 4Edit

Do not upload file which have been already uploaded. These will be simply deleted. Do not upload file which are not related to the topic. If you want to upload a file for your user page or blog categorize them into Category:Other.

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