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Nobuyuki Sanada
Nobuyuki Sanada
Personal Information
Born: 1566
Place of Birth: Shinano province
Died: 1658
Cause of Death: Illness
Place of Death: Unknown
Style name: 真田 信之
Served: Sanada
Participation(s): -

Nobuyuki Sanada was the son of Masayuki Sanada. He married Tadakatsu Honda's daughter Ina.


Nobuyuki Sanada was originally a hostage of the Tokugawa, but married Tadakatsu Honda's daughter and in 1600 he sided fully to the Tokugawa cause[1]. This meant that the Sanada family split in two, his father and brother Yukimura Sanada stayed loyal to the Toyotomi in Hideyoshi Toyotomi's memory.[2] After the Sieges of Osaka Castle, in 1622 Nobuyuki received the fief of Matsuhiro in Shinano worth 100,000 koku.[3]








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