Nobuyuki Oda
Personal Information
Born: 1536
Place of Birth: Owari Province
Died: 1557
Cause of Death: Assassination
Place of Death: Owari Province
Style name: 織田 信行
Served: Oda
Participation(s): -

Nobuyuki Oda (織田 信行) was one of Nobuhide Oda's sons.


Nobuyuki Oda was the brother of Nobunaga Oda and held Suemori castle in Owari.[1] In 1557 he conspired against his brother Nobunaga with the Hayashi and Shibata families[2] and sent Nobuteru Ikeda to besiege Suemori and kill Nobuyuki,[3]but Hayashi and Shibata were spared.[4]





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