Nobutaka Oda
Personal Information
Born: 1558
Place of Birth: Unknown
Died: 1583
Cause of Death: Seppuku
Place of Death: Noma, Chitano province
Style name: 織田 信孝
Served: Oda
Participation(s): -

Nobutaka Oda (織田 信孝) was the third son of Nobunaga Oda.


The third son of Nobunaga Oda. Nobutaka was adopted by the Kanbe clan and was involved in the campaigns of resistance of 1583 which followed Hideyoshi Toyotomi's takeover. He commited suicide when he was besieged at Gifu castle.[1]



Roan:One of Nobutaka Oda favorite mounts.



  1. Text from Samurai Source book, Stephen Turnbull

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