Nobutada Oda 2
Nobutada Oda
Personal Information
Born: 1557
Place of Birth: Unknown
Died: June 21, 1582
Cause of Death: Seppuku
Place of Death: Battle of Honnoji
Style name: 織田 信忠
Served: Oda
Participation(s): Battle of Honnoji

&nbsp Nobutada Oda (織田 信忠) was Nobunaga Oda's eldest son. He died alongside his father at Nijo castle at the Honnoji incident.


Nobutada Oda was the eldest son of Nobunaga Oda. He fought beside his father in many occasions.[1] By 1575 Nobutada was trusted to lead on his own.[2]

Serving the OdaEdit

Nobutada was responsible for bringing down the Takeda's Iwamura castle in 1575.[3] Following Katsuyori Takeda's crushing defeat at Nagashino, Nobutada Oda laid siege to Iwamura, which Nobutomo Akiyama had captured for the Takeda in February 1572. The much-weakened Takeda army could not come to the aid of Iwamura, which fell in December. Akiyama was captured and executed and by this siege Nobunaga reclaimed all of Mino province.[4] In 1577 he fought against Hisahide Matsunaga[5] in the siege of Shikizan. Hisahide and his son Kojiro Hisahide were defeated by Nobutada Oda and Junkei Tsutsui and commited suicide.[6] In 1582 he led an army into Shinano as part of the invasion of the Takeda lands and besieged Takato castle.[7]


Nobutada was in Kyoto when his father was murdered. Having failed to save him, Nobutada withdrew to Nijo castle, where he was besieged and forced to commit suicide by Akechi troops.[8] It is reported that priests quietly gathered their ashes and enshrined them in the Amidaji Temple.[9]








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