This is a fictional event that appeared in Nobunaga's Ambition. After Ieyasu declared independence from the Imagawa, Ieyasu went to Owari to talk with Nobunaga Oda. Upon hearing that Ieyasu himself was coming in Owari he ordered Katsuie Shibata that when Nobunaga gives a signal he rushes near Ieyasu and kill him. While talking with Ieyasu, Ieyasu asked Nobunaga to join forces. Nobunaga refused and signaled Katsuie to kill Ieyasu. Ieyasu managed to escape from Kiyosu Castle and outside waiting for him was his retainer Hanzo Hattori. Hanzo told Ieyasu to escape while Hanzo fight's the Oda to buy Ieyasu some time. Both Hanzo and Ieyasu managed to escape from the Oda.

Facts vs FictionEdit

  • Ieyasu did go to Owari to talk with Nobunaga.
  • Nobunaga never chased and tried to kill Ieyasu.

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