Template:Infobox OdaNobukatsu Oda (織田信雄) was the second son of Nobunaga Oda. He survived the decline of the Oda clan from political prominence, becoming a daimyo in the early Edo period.


The second son of Nobunaga Oda. Nobukatsu was adopted by the Kitabatake to ensure the Oda hegemony over Ise province. He played an active part in the two Iga campaigns. Nobukatsu kept the interests of the Oda family alive following Hideyoshi Toyotomi's takeover. He fought at Nagakute in 1584 and took an army against the Hojo of Odawara in 1590. He died at the ripe old age of 73.[1]






  1. Text from Samurai Source book, Stephen Turnbull

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