Nobuhide Oda
Personal Information
Born: 1510
Place of Birth: Owari province
Died: April 8, 1551
Cause of Death: Illness
Place of Death: Suemori castle
Style name: 織田 信秀
Served: Oda
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&nbsp Nobuhide Oda (尾張の虎) was the son of Nobusada Oda and the father of the famous Nobunaga Oda.[1]


Nobuhide was the eldest son of Nobusada Oda. He was born in Shobata castle in Owari province known as Kokuro. He was a powerful figure within Owari province, though he was not a daimyo. Rather, he was one of the 'elders' of the Oda clan. Nobuhide was a spirited leader and conducted numerous raids into Mikawa against the Imagawa and Matsudaira and Mino provinces against the Saito.[2]

Feuds with the Imagawa and Saito clansEdit

Nobuhide then captured Anjo Castle in Mikawa Province in 1541.[3] In 1542 Yoshimoto Imagawa advanced in Owari province and met Nobuhide at the first battle of Azukizaka. Yoshimoto was bloody repulsed, and a few months later Nobuhide Nobuhide followed up his victory by attacking the Imagawa fortress of Ueno.[4] In response to the Oda movements into Western Mikawa, Yoshimoto moved forces into Ikutahara in the 8th month of 1542. Nobuhide responded to this by leaving his position at Anjo castle and crossing the Yahagi river taking up a position at Kamiwada, and in the 10th month, engaged in battle at Azukizaka, Southeast of Okazaki castle. The Imagawa vanguard was led by a warrior by the name of Yuhara from Suruga province, and Nobuhide was joined by his brothers Nobuyasu, Nobumitsu, and Nobuzane. The battle was quickly won by Oda side, with credit given to seven Samurai, known as the Seven Spears of Azukizaka.[5] In 1545, Hirotada Matsudaira attempts to recapture Yasuyoshi Castle in Mikawa Province in the 9th month but is defeated by Nobuhide.[6]As part of a long rivalry, Dosan Saito fought Nobuhide Oda at Kanaguchi. Nobuhide was defeated with the loss of two close reletives.[7] In 1549, Nobuhide made peace with Dosan Saito by arranging a political marriage between son Nobunaga and Saito's daughter Noh. However, confrontation between the Imagawa and the Oda continued.[8] His progress in Mikawa, on the other hand, was checked by the Imagawa, who defeated him at the second Battle of Azukizaka in the spring of 1548.[9] The Imagawa surround Anjo Castle and trap Nobuhiro Oda, Nobuhide’s eldest son, inside. The Imagawa offer to raise the siege if Ieyasu Tokugawa is turned over to them, to which Nobuhide agrees.[10]


Nobuhide fell ill and died at Suemori castle in 1551 and his funeral was carried out at the Bansyoji.[11]






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