Nagamasa Azai2
Nagamasa Azai
Personal Information
Born: 1545
Place of Birth: Ōmi Province
Died: August 28, 1573
Cause of Death: Seppuku
Place of Death: Siege of Odani castle
Style name: 浅井 長政
Served: Azai
Participation(s): Battle of Anegawa
Siege of Odani castle

Nagamasa Azai was the son of Hisamasa Azai.


Nagamasa Azai defeated Yoshitaka Rokkaku and Tatsuoki Saito, but then came into conflict with Nobunaga Oda, who's sister he married. However, Nagamasa joined the Asakura and monks of Mount Hiei in an alliance against Nobunaga Oda and was defeated at the battle of Anegawa in 1570. A truce was concluded, but hostiles broke out again in 1573 when Nobunaga besieged him at Odani. Seeing that all was lost, Nagamasa entrusted his family to Nobunaga and committed suicide.[1]







  1. Samurai Sourcebook, Stephen Turnbull pg.30

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