Keiji Maeda


Maeda clan

The Matsukaze was Keiji Maeda's trademark horse. The word Matsukaze means "wind in the pines".

Keiji Maeda steals the MatsukazeEdit

A popular tale says that Keiji obtained it when he was planning to leave the Maeda clan. He and his uncle Toshiie were previously drinking piping hot tea and chatting about their daily activities. Through their brief exchange, Keiji noticed his stringent uncle's words, though proper, had a distinct hint of hostility towards him. Once his uncle began to shuffle a bit, Keiji stated that the tea must have been too hot and offered to prepare a cool bath for him. Toshiie agreed and left while Keiji made preparations.

Left alone with his thoughts, Keiji became furious and threw in the coldest water from the well into the bath. He roughly told a servant that his uncle's bath was ready and hastily left from the mansion. On his way out, he passed by the family stables and spotted Matsukaze. Keiji angrily bellowed that the stallion was too good for his foolish relative and rode off with the clan's prized mount. Around the same time, Toshiie entered his bath and, just as he was running out from the water's chill, he saw his best horse stolen before his eyes. A variation of the story adds that it was actually winter and Toshiie was promised a warm bath.


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