Katsuyori Takeda
Katsuyori Takeda
Personal Information
Born: 1546
Place of Birth: Unknown
Died: 3 April 1582
Cause of Death: Seppuku
Place of Death: Battle of Temmokuzan
Style name: 武田 勝頼
Served: Takeda
Participation(s): Battle of Nagashino
Battle of Temmokuzan

Katsuyori Takeda was the son of Shingen Takeda. After Shingen's death he became the leader of the clan.


Takeda Katsuyori was the 4th son of Shingen Takeda and prior to Shingen's death, the head of the Suwa Clan. He was the 20th and second to last lord of the Takeda clan, famous for his conflict with Nobunaga Oda and Ieyasu Tokugawa.[1]

Katsuyori Takeda inherited his father's domains and his fierce reputation. Unfortunatly for Katsuyori, he was unable to sustain the Takeda dominance, failing to capture Nagashino castle in 1575, and then being heavily defeated at the battle of Nagashino. It is however, to Katsuyori's credit that he managed to hold out againts his enemies until 1582, when he was defeated and committed seppuku at the Battle of Temmukuzan.[2]


  • There has been rumours that Nobunaga Oda had great pleasure in seeing Katsuyori's decapitated head, since the Takeda clan had always been one of his biggest rival.







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