Hideyori Toyotomi painting
Hideyori Toyotomi
Personal Information
Born: 1593
Place of Birth: Unkown
Died: June 5, 1615
Cause of Death: Beheaded
Place of Death: Uknown
Style name: 豊臣 秀頼
Served: Toyotomi
Participation(s): Siege of Osaka Castle

Hideyori Toyotomi was the son and designated successor of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. His mother, Yodo-dono, was the niece of Nobunaga Oda.


Hideyori inherited his father's empire while still in infancy, during the Invasion of Korea.[1] During his infancy he resided in Osaka Castle.[2]

Hideyori Toyotomi witnessed the rise of the Tokugawa, but he himslef was absent from the Battle of Sekigahara. Both Hideyori and his mother Yodo-Dono had been sidelined by political manoeuvres undertaken primarily by Katsumoto Katagiri during the battle. He was also forced into neutrality during the whole conflict, but was allowed to keep his residance of Osaka Castle.[3] Hideyori then challenged Ieyasu Tokugawa in 1614 in the Siege of Osaka Castle.[4] In 1615 he died as the castle fell, thus making him the greatest loser of all since he had been disinherited by Ieyasu Tokugawa during the siege.[5]





  • Oeyo (via Yodo-dono)





Staying Safe: One of Hideyori Toyotomi's favourite mounts. Lady Yodo, Hideyori's mother, kept him inside Osaka Castle. He never had the opportunity to ride it to war.[6]

Facts vs FictionEdit

  • There is an enduring legend that Hideyori in fact escaped death at Osaka, being allowed to take up on Kyushu under an assumed name.[7]



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