Hidenobu Oda
Hidenobu Oda
Personal Information
Born: 1580
Place of Birth: Mino Province
Died: July 24, 1605
Cause of Death: Unknown
Place of Death: Mino Province
Style name: 織田 秀信
Served: Oda
Participation(s): Battle of Gifu Castle

Hidenobu Oda (織田秀信) was the son of Nobutada Oda. Hidenobu was also a christian and his religious name was Paul.


At the age of one year, this man the grandson of Nobunaga Oda and the son of Nobutada Oda was the proclaimed heir of to his grandfather. In 1600 he joined the Ishida faction and defended Gifu castle against the Tokugawa, eventhough he had been advised by his counselors to side with Ieyasu.[1] He was forced to shave his head following Mitsunari Ishida's defeat. He retired to mount Koya and died at the early age of 25.[2]







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