Hidehisa Sengoku
Hidehisa Sengoku
Born: 1552
Died: 1614
Place of Birth: Owari province
Place of Death: --
Japanese name: 仙石 秀久
Participation(s): Invasion of Shikoku

Invasion of Kyushu
Siege of Odawara Castle (1590)
Battle of Sekigahara

Served: Toyotomi

Hidehisa Sengoku was a retainer of the Toyotomi clan.


Hidehisa Sengoku served Hideyoshi Toyotomi. He conquered the island of Awaji, but he was defeated on Shikoku, and later in Kyushu. In 1590 he recieved the fief of Komoro in Shinano worth 50,000 koku. [1]


  1. Samurai Source Book, Stephen Turnbull

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