Chosokabe Army


12th century

Notable figures

Kunichika Chosokabe
Motochika Chosokabe


The Chosokabe clan is believed to have been decended from the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang, and were respected Jito of Tosa from the 12th Century and entered the 16th Century as vassals of the Ichijo clan, who were based in western Tosa.

Notable FiguresEdit

Kunichika ChosokabeEdit

Kunichika Chosokabe is the son of Kanetsugu Chosokabe. His childhood name was Senyumaru.

Motochika ChosokabeEdit

Motochika Chosokabe was twenty first head of the Chosokabe clan. Motochika is quite know for unifying Shikoku in ten years but just as he was going to invade territory's out of Shikoku he surrendered to Hideyoshi




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